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Westend Studio

864 Suite 3, College St., Toronto, Ontario

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Westend Studio

Westend Studio | Toronto Wedding Photographer

Westend Studio was founded by renowned artist, Johnathan Ball, whose work has been shown in New York, England, and various Toronto galleries. The Westend Studio is one of Toronto’s premier wedding photography studios and has been published and revered in both online and print publications. Our mission is photographic excellence. Our work is a fusion of artistic style with a documentarian flair.

“We live and breath photography, it’s our business it’s our life, I grew up around cameras. It sounds a little cheesy but it’s true, I love people and I love making art, Wedding Photography brings it all together and keeps the excitement coming all day. You never know where you’re going to be next or what you will have the opportunity to shoot. I don’t take pictures as much as I make memories, I preserve them for my clients, it’s an honor and a privilege, I can’t think of anything more fun and more worthwhile.” -JB.

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