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Valencienne Bridal Design

1104 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario, M6C 2E2

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$ 3,000 - $ 20,000
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Valencienne Bridal Design | Toronto Bridal Designers

Kim is the thread that binds together the fabrics of Valencienne. She is renown for her impeccable standards and discriminating taste. She has been a part of our Fashion industry in Toronto for over 30 years. She likes to say “marrying dreams with the dreamers.”

Kim has a passion and love for the time-honoured tradition of Haute Couture. She gets her inspiration from traveling to exotic places to reading a vintage vogue magazine and just about everything – she is always inspired. It’s hard to get through a day without seeing something that will be the start of a magical idea. ‘Bespoke luxury’ is a phrase that Kim holds to the highest regard and is evident in every design that comes alive on her sketchpad. With a keen sense of awareness and the uncanny ability to read and understand “you” the bride she can translate that into a gown, which captures your unique style and personality.

Kim started Valencienne Bridal on Bloor St in Toronto at the young age of 21. She had no formal training and she is self-taught. She just had a deep love for beautiful things being from English descent. She had been enchanted by the bridal houses of London, England and set out to import some of the most incredible bridal designers into Canada. Although extremely successful Kim felt a burning desire to create her own line of wedding gowns and so the Valencienne label was created in 1990.

She has an urge to create the perfect gown for every bride and her determination has never wavered. Kim feels strongly that, as the designer “her job is to marry exquisite and original detailing to the design style that best flatters the bride’s body, shape and style.”

Known for her outgoing personality and charisma, she is extremely honest and soon becomes a friend and trusted expert; Her endless stream of amusing anecdotes is guaranteed to take the stress out of preparing for your special day

Kim only wants an extraordinary experience for her clients that closely resemble the experience one would find at a European couturier atelier. She continues to hone her skills and invests her time developing an incredible team of artisans. She feels that Valenciennes status as a bridal couturier in North America is beyond compare.

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