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Lagostina | Wedding Gift Registry

Lagostina, Canada’s premium housewares brand, symbolizes the fine art of cooking with its elegant, high-performance products designed to provide excellence in form and functionality.

The Italian brand is proud to be part of the time-honoured tradition of celebrating food, family and friends; and the joy that comes from the ambience of a perfectly prepared meal is one of many memories that will carry on for generations.


Originating from Italy, Lagostina was born in 1901 in Omegna. It is in that region located on the banks of the Orta lake – one of the large sub -alpine lakes of northern Italy – that Carlo Lagostina and his son Emilio became the founding fathers of what has become the Lagostina “saga.”

Passionate about nature and in love with their birth region, the two men were visionaries. Refusing to simply remain spectators in front of the industrial world opening before them, Emilio, under the impulse of his ambitious father, became an engineer.

Quickly, Lagostina became a renowned brand with an expertise in manufacturing tinplated cookware.


Anxious to meet the most demanding expectations in cooking matters, the Italian brand adapts its production in accordance with the evolution of cooking trends:

• 1980: new function on the pressure-cooker: “steam cooking”
• 1986: conception of “Pastaoila”, a pot specifically designed to cook and drain pasta
• 2000: launch of the glamorous “Academy – Five Ply” line, which became as emblematic as “Casa Mia” in its day.

  • Charger Plates
  • Glassware
  • Kitchen
  • Online Gallery
  • Tabletop

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