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475 Avenue Oakdale, Mont-Royal, Quebec H3P 1J6

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Accents & Elements | Specialty Wedding Services

Owner and founder of Accents & Elements, Tina Kalogrias has had design on her mind for a long time. Her passion for decor and design inspired her to start her own home staging and interior design business.

Renovating and staging her own properties over the years, Tina’s experience has given her a keen understanding of the challenges related to preparing your home to live in it or to sell it.

Passionate about decor and design, Tina has developed expertise in renovation, concept development and space planning which helps her clients realize their renovation or staging goals once they are ready to sell their property quickly and for a higher profit.

Interior Design Services

People with the best of taste and style use interior designers to guide them in the right direction and help them achieve their goal and vision to create a beautiful functional space.

Accents & Elements will help you bring your vision to life while taking into consideration such things as space planning. Accents & Elements’ team members have the trained eye and creative mind-set which allows them to devise solutions that you may never have imagined. Accents & Elements pays attention to detail in a way that will transform your space into a haven that looks polished and pulled together.

Home Staging Services

Accents & Elements’ objective regarding this step is to provide vendors with the understanding required to transform their property into a highly sought after product that sells faster and for a higher price.

This consultation is accompanied by a written proposal that the client can use to do work themselves or, if they prefer, choose from one of the HOME STAGING PACKAGES offered by Accents & Elements and have professional stagers do the work for them.

Redesign Services

Tired of the way your home looks? Need a change? Redesigning may be the solution for you. One room or an entire house can take on a new look simply by rearranging existing furnishings.

Accents & Elements offers professional experience in design which will contribute to the redesign of an entire space without having to purchase a single new item. Redesign is the answer to changing a space without the added expenses. Redesign is ideal for anyone who is living in their home while it is for sale.

Redesign can raise market value significantly!

  • Custom Design
  • Decor

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