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How to make a DIY bridal bouquet 

Are you feeling crafty and want to create your own bouquet? Follow this step by step guide to make your dream bouquet.

Pick the main colour and style

Just like any other accessory, an elaborate gown should be paired with a simpler bouquet. Play with complimentary colours. For a more subtle look, choose colours similar to your wedding dress. However, avoid too much similarity since it will look flat in pictures. A bouquet of similar colours and shades such as white, pink, cream, peach and other light tones is the easiest to put together. You can also pick darker complimentary colours such as violet or blue.

Pink Bridal Bouquet
Flowers: Abeille Fleuriste

Select robust primary flowers

Primary flowers should have long and strong stems to support the bouquet without breaking. To lower the cost, choose flowers that will be in-season during your wedding. Out-of-season flowers are much more expensive, and may be hard to replace in case of an emergency. Choose one to three primary flowers to make the core. Here are some flowers that are “wedding friendly” and strong:






•Calla lilies

Soft Pink Bouquet
Flowers: Dushan Flowers

Select secondary flowers (optional)

Using a single-variety can look wonderful and be less stress for a first attempt. If you are feeling a bit more artistic, mix in various flowers you may like. Sprays of tiny flowers like baby’s breath, buds, seeded eucalyptus or even little berry will look great.

All about the size

The size of your bouquet should match your own size and the type of venue. Large bouquets will look better on a taller person, in a large church or outdoor wedding. In fact, it should not be wider than your waist. Also, keep in mind that a big bouquet can be very heavy. In general, the diameters range from 8 to 13 inches. Make sure to order more to be on the safe side (between 15 to 20 flowers).

Red Wedding Bouquet
Flowers: Flowers Time


Trim the stems underwater using a bucket or a sink filled with water. Cut at a 45º angle, about 1–2 inches from the end. This allows them to pull up water without air bubbles. Keep the flowers in a container of cool water until you are ready to build the bouquet. Keep the stems longer and trim at the very end.

Create your bouquet

1. For around bouquet, use about 24 flowers.

2. Pull off thorns and foliage and remove damaged flowers.

3. Create the centre with your strong primary flowers. Position the blossoms in an even layer, crossing the stems in a circular way.

4. Keep building evenly outward from your centre. Hold the flowers tightly together while crossing the stems so the flowers make a dome shape.

5. Expand the dome by adding more flowers. If you are using secondary flowers, place them wherever you see a gap between flowers. Make sure that there are no secondary flowers touching each other.

6. Secure the bouquet with floral tape. Secure the bouquet about one inch beneath the blossoms.

7. Choose a ribbon that matches your gown or the colour of your theme. Secure with pins pushed into the flower stems.

8. Do a final trimming (leave 6-7 inches). Make sure to not leave the stem too long to avoid damaging your dress.

Greenery Bouquets
Flowers: Rachel A. Clingen Wedding & Event Design

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