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The ABC’s of Wedding Favours

Formally called bonbonnière, wedding favours have significantly changed over the years. While offering sweets is always popular, here are some original gift suggestions for all budgets.

Custom sweets:

Simple and inexpensive, personalized candies can be a fun option. Choose macarons or cookies decorated with your initials or have your candies engraved with the wedding date. Prefer salty treats? Indulge in gourmet popcorn. Use pretty packaging that will reflect the theme or colour of your wedding. (To be on the safe side, avoid the most popular allergens.)

Kitchen accessories:

Wine or scotch glasses, vintage key bottle openers, pepper and salt duos, cheese knives… the options are endless!

Gifts to assemble:

Increasingly popular, mini recipe favours are easy and fun. Hot chocolate mix, chocolate cookies or cocktails; share your favourite recipe with your guests.

Plants and flowers:

Small plants, more specifically cactus and succulents, make great gifts and require very little maintenance. They can also make great table decorations and place cards.

Fragrant gifts:

Candles, handmade soaps or potpourri, we love gifts that smell good! Stick with general crowd pleasers to be on the safe side.

The ABC's of Wedding Favours

Gifts that keep on giving:

Have a cause that’s important to you? Why not donate to your favorite organization on your behalf.

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