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These fun and interactive bridal shower games will ensure your party is a hit

1. The Nearly-wed Game

Put the bride-to-be to the test by asking her questions about her fiancé just like the famous game show. Prepare a list of personal and humorous subjects ahead of time and have the groom answer them. On the day of the shower, compare his responses with hers to see if the bride-to-be guessed correctly.

2. Taste the Cake

The delightful sweet table you want to prepare can serve two purposes in one with this game. Along with eating all the bite-size cakes, cupcakes and cake pops, have everyone focus on their taste buds by having them guess the flavours.

10 Bridal Shower Games You Need to Try

3. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Channel your inner Oscar de la Renta and design a wedding dress made only of toilet paper. Divide the group into teams, choose a model and set the timer. No scissors or tape allowed! The bride decides who the best dressed is at the end.

4. Ring Pop Game

At the start of the shower, assign everyone a ring pop. If at any point throughout the day, someone says the word “bride,” they have to forfeit their ring to the person who caught them. Whoever has the most at end wins.

5. Musical Bouquet

Think musical chairs, but with a bouquet. Have everyone sit in a circle and pass around a bouquet while music plays. Whenever it stops, whoever has the bouquet is eliminated. Last one standing is the winner.

6. Fairytale Favourites

If you grew up watching (and obsessing) over Disney movies, then this game is a must. Create a scrambled list of your favourite fairytale love songs with the corresponding movie title and have guests match them up.

10 Bridal Shower Games You Need to Try

7. Pin the Moustache on the Groom

Pretty self-explanatory. Bring back the fun of pin the tail on the donkey with a life-size cutout of the bride-to-be’s groom. Blindfold the guests and give each a turn to pin a moustache on him.

8. Cold Feet

This clever game takes the age-old saying to whole new level. Place plastic rings in an ice-cold bucket of water and have guests plunge their feet into it using only their toes to fish them out. Whoever gets the most in a minute wins.

9. Toilet Paper Roll

You might need actual toilet paper after playing this game. Separate the group into teams of two and have one guest place a broomstick between their knees and the other a toilet paper roll. You can connect the dots.

10. The Age Game

Create a board filled with pictures of the bride-to-be at different ages and have everyone guess how old she was in each. Assign a slip to each guest numbering the photos with a blank space next to it for the answer.

10 Bridal Shower Games You Need to Try

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